Health News Sources For A Healthy Life

Health news is important to those of us who appreciate good health. The challenge for most of us is to find sources of up-to-date information that is not biased. It’s a challenge for the media, too, but some of their health stories are being spun and rewritten as they come out. We need real news sources that give objective information from sources other than the pharmaceutical industry. Let’s take a look at a few examples of how you can get real news about health and your own health, without relying on the media or the doctors’ office.

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You’ve probably heard about many of the many health topics that make the news today. Did you catch that mention of heart conditions, diabetes and obesity? Maybe you saw that piece about new studies showing that coffee drinkers are more likely to have Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re one of the many people who has lost sleep wondering if you’re addicted to coffee, you might want to pay closer attention to some of the other health stories in the paper. There are many other health concerns that aren’t as sexy as the stories that dominate the headlines. Here are several suggestions for where to look for good, unbiased news about your health.

Many local newspapers have free sections that publish all the local news. You can register to receive email updates when local stories are breaking. This is the best way to be first with important news, because you will receive the news right when you need it. Be sure to check your email often for these updates.

Another great resource for up-to-date news is the Internet. There are many websites that give you a variety of health information, including news blurbs. Many of them also offer links to some of the major health reporting web sites. Keep in mind that many of these sites are funded by pharmaceutical companies, so it’s not always a completely independent source of news. But it can be a great resource for getting independent health information.

Finally, watch some of the television news. Many network news stations today have health sections that give you a lot of good information. You’ll likely find national coverage of medical related stories as well as local coverage. Some of these national stories can be difficult to find locally, but it’s worth a try. The national media has a lot of knowledge about health and medical issues, and you can benefit greatly from this knowledge through the news.

While many people get their daily news from the media, another way to get good information on health is to simply ask people who are concerned with their health. Many local organizations give out information cards that allow you to call or visit their office for a health question or concern. When you ask your doctor for advice, remember that they are only licensed to give you advice – not to diagnose or treat a disease. Call ahead to see if any of these health organizations might have some new health news you can take advantage of!