Health Food Stores and Natural Nutrients

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Health Food Stores and Natural Nutrients

Health food refers to foodstuff that contains significant amounts of nutrients. This food is a must for everybody, since it is the one that gives us the necessary nutrition to keep ourselves and our body in good shape. It is also the one that gives us the energy to carry on with our activities. It is important that we are able to choose healthy food to ensure that we live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the health food types that you can choose from.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a nutrient which is very important for our health and immune system. Therefore, a health food that contains a significant amount of vitamin A is considered as a vitamin food. A well-maintained Vitamin A level in our body will give us the energy we need to face our daily tasks. However, there are many types of foods that contain Vitamin A so it is essential that we know what constitutes a good source of this nutrient so we can make the correct choice.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C has a lot of benefits. It helps neutralize free radicals, it reduces inflammation and it aids in wound healing. As you shop for health foods at your local grocery store, be sure to buy foods that are high in Vitamin C such as oranges and tomatoes. You can also get Vitamin C from citrus fruits and watermelon.

Vitamin D: This nutrient is found in oily fish and certain kinds of shellfish. Since children who reside in regions where fishing is common are more likely to develop osteoporosis, studies have been done to help alleviate this problem. Today, people can obtain this nutrient in many natural foods like milk, eggs and fortified breakfast cereals. Be sure to eat lots of healthy fish as it can help your body absorb Vitamin D easily. Another nutritious food source is fortified vegetarian foods like tofu.

Folic Acid: This nutrient is found in most fresh vegetables and fruits. If you have folic acid deficiencies, it can result in some serious side effects. For example, pregnant women and people with dementia should avoid foods high in folic acid. While there are health food stores that carry enriched grain tortillas, a healthier choice is to bake tortillas for yourself at home. For those who want to enjoy folic acid-rich foods, it’s wise to take the supplement that’s recommended by physicians.

When shopping for your groceries, consider looking for products labeled “fortified”. These products usually have added vitamins, minerals and fiber to them so they don’t need to be purchased organically. However, these vitamins and minerals may help reduce the cost of your groceries. Some foods that are fortified include eggs, oranges, tomatoes and potatoes. It’s important to make sure that you understand how many nutrients may be present in any product you buy. You should also research the vitamins and minerals that may help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and other health problems.