Acne and Dry Skin

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Acne and Dry Skin

Skin care is a broad spectrum of practices which support skin health, improve its physical appearance and alleviate skin disorders. They may include proper usage of emollients and prevention of too much sun exposure. A regular skin care regimen can go a long way in ensuring the healthy glow of the skin and the prevention of premature wrinkles. It can be effective in both preventing and treating the signs of skin aging, including fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. It also has an impact on a person’s self esteem and confidence, hence the need for the right kind of treatment.

A skin care routine involves daily cleansing and moisturizing. Oily skin requires special care as it easily gets damaged by washing it with harsh soaps. It is important to wash your face with a pH balanced cleanser or natural moisturizer designed for oily skin.

The moisturizer you choose should have the ability to slow down the process of time in which the water breaks down the hyaluronic acid present in your skin. Products which contain ingredients like retinol and exfoliants are effective in replenishing these lost substances and improving the elasticity of skin cells. An all-natural sunscreen which will provide UVA and UVB protection is also essential in a daily skin care routine.

Mild cleansers containing mild soap and water are adequate for cleansing and moisturizing purposes. However, if you have extremely oily skin, then it is advisable to use a deep cleansing mask, which should include ingredients like kaolin, bentone gel and micro-fibers. These compounds help remove excess oil, dirt and debris from within the pores and reduce the appearance of blackheads and acne. In addition to these, a special astringent should be used on the areas around the eyes and nose. For acne prone skin, anti-bacterial cleansers with mild anti-bacterial properties can also be used in conjunction with the astringent to prevent acne and blemishes.

If you want to minimize the appearance of acne and scars, you will want to make sure you choose a gentle cleanser as well as an astringent with low pH. A deep pore cleansing mask should be included in any regimen designed to reduce hyperpigmentation. These masks should be made up of clay extracts which absorb excess oil and dirt, leaving your skin free of blemishes and hyperpigmentation. You may also opt for the use of special exfoliants or masks specifically designed to treat your skin condition. These should also contain ingredients which help reduce the appearance of acne and scars, such as retinol.

Finally, you should incorporate a good skin care regimen into your everyday life. As you already know, prevention is always better than treatment. The first step towards effectively treating acne is making sure you take good care of your skin. The main article contained above should help you achieve this goal. Make sure to look for further information on the topic by following the links below.